Why you should exercise with your kids

Exercising with your kids shows them how to be healthy. Watching you exercise is great but actually exercising with your child is the best way to show them how to stay healthy. They are more likely to eat healthier too. Kids learn habits by watching their parents. We are their first teachers.

What are your habits saying to your kids?

Are they watching you say how you should be exercising but don’t have the time or energy. This will rub off on them and they will begin to make excuses for not exercising when they get older.retro tv

Are they watching you make bad eating choices? Kids can be picky when it comes to food, they tend to  like processed or junk food, but adding a little bit of their favorite fruit with each meal will help them to get the nutrients they need and show them how they can eat what they want while not over indulging on unhealthy food.

Exercising with your child can be a way of spending quality time while teaching them healthy habits.


Examples of how to work out with your child…


You-tube has many fitness videos for kids, you can start off by picking a fitness video they will enjoy and do it together ( this is perfect for toddlers). You-tube has many dance and fitness videos geared toward kids that will have them laughing and enjoying each move.

Video game systems

many video game systems like Wii, Xbox and Play Station offer fitness and dance games for reasonable prices. They also make ones just for kids. My daughter enjoys Just dance Kids and the adult version of Just dance. We do it together and see who gets the highest score. By the time we dance a couple of songs we feel as if we have been really working out but dancing is so much more fun!


Take your kids on a walk regularly or while you jog have them ride their bike or scooter next to you. If their are older and willing have them jog a short distance with you. Of course make sure they do not get too hot and keep them hydrated while doing any outside exercising.

Be Creative

I sometimes I do a quick 10 minute routine in my living room. It includes about 25-50 jumping jacks,15 lunges, 20 sit ups, stretching and whatever else I feel up to doing. Sometimes I do yoga and my daughter wants to do it with me. I made up a routine with her favorite poses. She likes to hear the names of the poses, she thinks they are funny like the downward dog, cobra, warrior pose, cat stretch and butterfly pose.

Exercise is important for adults and kids, why not do it together, it is best to start when they are young but as long as you make it fun and don’t put any pressure on your kids to get them to exercise start at any age.

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