Why you can’t find LOVE

So many people say that they can’t find love. Maybe the problem is finding love is hard because they are not where they are supposed to be in life.

How can you find love if you, yourself, are lost?

Start finding the right path by doing what you love, what makes you happy or what you enjoy. What if you met someone while you were doing something that makes you happy. You would most likely have found someone who you have something in common with and someone who is happy doing that very same thing that brings you joy.

Love can be a hard thing to find, it doesn’t always come when we want it and it also doesn’t always last. Make sure that you make yourself a priority along with the many others responsibilities in life. Learn that loving yourself is the first step in finding someone else to love you. Finding that special someone that you can spend time with and make new memories with is something we all want at one time or another. If it is hard to find that special someone spend time focusing on you. Start doing your favorite things, thinking positive and stop holding yourself back from your goals. This will make you a magnet for the right person to come along. Till the day that special someone comes along, just keep focusing on you and making your life as awesome as possible, love is sure to follow!

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