What or Who is Draining Your Energy?

It is amazing how better a plant looks after removing the dead leaves. This reminds me in life how we waste time on situations or people that we can’t change. Don’t waste time on trying to change someone or trying to get them to see things your way. If they don’t get it or can’t change, it is not up to you to change them and make them a better person. Either accept them for who they are, pray for them or have one less person in your life. Jobs can take up a lot of focus in our lives too, be thankful if you have a job ( cause many would love to be in your place) but don’t lose sight of what is important in your life like your piece of mind and happiness. Don’t forget you have options and you are never truly stuck in any situation or job.

Sometimes we spend lots of energy on people, situations or jobs. Even though we are doing our best to help or make things better for us or others we lose sight of what is important. We began to lose ourselves in fixing issues that can’t be fixed or we just don’t have the right tools to fix it. We can focus all of our energy on just this one issue or person and we began to suffer in all other areas of our lives. Just like plants when you remove the dead leaves the entire plant can refocus on being healthy and thrive as long as it has its most basic needs met.

Be like that plant and remove the dead areas in your life that are draining your energy. Refocus on what is important and what you need to be happy and healthy in your own life.

Setting goals and being there for others is great, but once a person, situation or job drains your energy till the point where it steals your light and you can no longer shine, it may be time to put the focus back on you and find your light again.

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