What I do on a Full Moon

I consider myself a moon gazer. Every night, I try to catch a glimpse of the glowing magical ball in the night sky. I can’t help but notice the different textures and nooks and crannies on the moon and the haze that always seems to surround it. It is no secret the moon has it’s effects on the earth and in our lives. Some say crazy things happen on nights of the full moon. If you don’t believe it, just ask someone who works in a hospital. Even the oceans are effected by the moon.

Not many people understand the abilities of the moon or have such a fascination of it like I do, stillI can’t help staring at it and wondering about all its mysteries. One day I decided that I wanted to recognize the influence that the moon has on me and on the earth. I researched and looked for ways to observe or celebrate the full moon’s presence. The following list are the different ways I welcome the full moon.

The full moon represents a stage of completion. The full moon can represent the coming together of plans or intentions you may have in your life. So on the night of full moons, I recognize what has taken place in my life recently and evaluate it. I look at what has come together in the plans I have been making and what is working and looking promising and what is not. I realize what needs to released and let go of in my life and what I need to keep working on and make plans for. After the full moon it is time to strategize and make new plans to accomplish your goals.

Ways to celebrate the Full Moon



Meditate whichever way feels comfortable to you on that day. Examples are; deep breathing, repeat an affirmation, close your  eyes and empty your mind while being aware of surroundings like sound, temperature, wind and smells.

Light some candles

Light 3 candles in a quiet place free from clutter. If possible do this outside to fully feel the presence of the moon. Sit, stand or lay face up and think about what has recently come into completion in your life. Think also about what needs to change or be released from your life.


Do Yoga outside underneath the moons light. You can do a yoga sequence or any poses that you feel like in that moment.



Find others who are moon gazers to talk and celebrate with.








They are many ways to symbolize the full moon. Some refer to full moon activities as rituals. But performing a “ritual” under the moon can sound… well, a bit negative or evil. So I call it a celebration or a recognition of the moon. Call it whatever you like and celebrate, symbolize or conduct your ritual in the way you feel that is best. I have heard of many other ways or rituals for the moon, but these are the ways I practice. Let me know what ways you celebrate the moon!




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