The Healthy Eating Diet

Does healthy eating sound boring or difficult to you? You may have a vision of someone who drinks green smoothies and wears yoga pants daily. You may think of healthy eating as never enjoying your food again. Being able to enjoy Thanksgiving and Easter dinner, those days are over when it comes to healthy eating. But… maybe not!

Healthy eating does not have to be boring.  There are ways to eat your favorite foods and still be healthy. You just have to have a balance the type of foods you eat regularly.

I grew up enjoying food and I find it hard to completely stop enjoying my meals. However as I age I know my body doesn’t respond to junk food the way it did when I was in my 20’s. When we age our metabolism slows down, weight gain increases, we see certain areas of our bodies like our hips, belly and thighs deposit fat like a magnet. Also the mention of diabetes and chronic disease gets more and more scary. Sorry but those days of eating whatever you want are over, its time for a change.

But I know you guys aren’t willing to give up your favorite foods, so lets look at our options. You probably want to have better health which includes….

  • healthy cholesterol levels
  • lower risk of heart disease
  • lower risk of diabetes
  • more energy
  • better focus
  • happier
  • to live longer
  • to look better
  • to feel better
  • healthy weight

All these on the list above are connected to your diet. So lets start you off with an easy plan to achieve these 10 things we all want.

First things first, add some nutrition to that junk food diet you are on! fruits-in-basket

Okay for breakfast you had a donut and orange juice or coffee. We both know the donut was not the best choice but we are starting off slowly on this healthy plan stuff. So how about next time you have a donut for breakfast add an apple, banana, or whatever fresh fruit you can get your hands on. Eat the fruit first and you will have less room for the donut plus the fruit contains actual vitamins and minerals that the donut does not, The benefit here is that you are adding vitamins and minerals to your breakfast. News flash, your body actually uses up those vitamins and minerals and uses them to do good things for your body, like boost your immune system or add fiber so you can poop more! The donut doesn’t do anything for you but add more to your love handles, clogs up your  arteries and fogs your brain.

Think of this tip for every meal of the day. Adding a healthy item with every meal will help you to start liking fruits and vegetables more and more. You will begin to develop a taste for them. Do this and stick with it. Every single meal needs to have something healthy to go along with it.

Tips: Fresh and raw fruits and vegetables work best.

spoonful-of-sugarThe next week I want you to reduce all bad foods in your diet. If you enjoy coffee with 8 sugars, its time to reduce it to maybe 5-6 sugars instead. You may not even notice much difference in taste. But if you drink 2 cups of coffee every day thats 16 teaspoons of sugar a day and 480 teaspoons a month. Thats a lot of sugar! But by reducing it by just two teaspoons per cup you cut out 120 teaspoons a month. If you are really serious about your health cut back even more or just have one cup of coffee with less sugar. It all depends on your personal health goal.

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