3 Things That Add To Your Joint Pain

I used to suffer from joint pain for years. I remember it started in my early twenties, I would constantly hide my pain, trying not to limp when people were looking, trying to think of why I was hurting. I was told by one doctor that it might just be in my head, ¬†one said […]

Feeling Tired? Watch What You Eat.

If you want to know if what you are eating is good for you, think about how you feel after your eat. I realized about a year ago that if I ate at certain places or ate certain foods I would feel tired and fatigued afterwards. See, I suffered from fatigue for years. It got […]

Tips to End Procrastination

I am guilty of arriving late, delaying task and doing things at the last minute, I am a big procrastinator, I recently realized that it is just the way my brain works. Unfortunately, living a procrastinator’s life can rise stress levels. Since I am trying to reduce stress I need to get a grip on […]

Spring: Time for new possibilities

Springtime is when nature begins to awaken. Trees produce buds on branches, flowers begin to peek out from the dirt and animals are looking for a mate. The earth seems to come alive in the spring. As we start to look more towards new future possibilities we may notice our mood is brighter. The warmer […]