Spring: Time for new possibilities


Springtime is when nature begins to awaken. Trees produce buds on branches, flowers begin to peek out from the dirt and animals are looking for a mate. The earth seems to come alive in the spring. As we start to look more towards new future possibilities we may notice our mood is brighter. The warmer temperature and increased sunshine helps us welcome new thoughts of change. Spring is when many people may start to think about moving into a new apartment or house, think about new jobs or begin to plan vaspring-leaf-in-snowcations for the upcoming summer.

Many may think they need to set new goals for the New Year in January, but the beginning of spring is when we are in a more positive mood and have hopeful outlooks for the future.

Make your diet part of your new lifestyle changes. By diet I don’t mean “dieting” I mean eating habits. Start a new healthy eating regimen by adding healthy foods to your everyday life. Lets face it, sometimes it hard to resist our favorite foods. Many of us fail to continue healthy eating or dieting because we may be able to resist our favorite foods for a few days or eat healthy for a while then we tend to go back to our old eating habbits.

Most of us want to eat healthier but starting out can be difficult.

fruits-in-basketThe problem is denying yourself your favorite foods that you grew to love is tough. Instead of giving up what you love, start off by adding healthy food to your diet. This way you get to eat what you love, but you at least you will be adding healthy food into your diet. Try to fit in a veggie and a fruit in your everyday diet to start you off. The addition of at least one fruit and one raw or unprocessed vegetable will increase the amount of nutrients for your body. The best way to enjoy the new start of the season is to feel your best so you can be your best. What you put into your body directly affects how you feel. Add good healthy food to your diet to start you off right for the new season.

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