March is Women’s History Month

This recognition of women started due to the lack of information being taught in schools about the accomplishments of women throughout history. In the 1970’s a school in California decided to do something about this and encouraged a women’s history week where the accomplishments of women are taught and celebrated. The word spread and other counties and states began to do the same. It eventually spread to governments and throughout the nation until organizations were holding essay contest and events celebrating women’s history. All this attention brought along a month long celebration and recognition for women’s contributions throughout history.


Women have made numerous contributions throughout history from Melitta Bentz who invented the coffee filter system with absorbent paper and a pot with holes in it, to Katherine Blodgett who was the first women to receive a Ph.D. in Physics. Katherine eventually went on to invent an invisible glass which is used today in the military, eyeglasses, windshields, and computer screens. (Murphy, 2015)


Women have done and will continue to do great things to make the world a better place. In 2016, we came close to having the first woman President, but women will continue to break barriers and accomplish all the world has to offer and more. One day, more people will recognize the strength of women all over the world.

Check out a few more awesome women from history HERE.



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