How to become a morning person

If you are like me, you are one of the many who have a hard time getting out of bed, especially before the sun. For us non-morning goers just finding the energy to get out of bed is a chore. Lack of focus and forgetfulness is also a major problem during morning times. There is nothing like struggling to get out bed, pressing the snooze button until you can’t anymore, and rushing around to get ready for your day. It drives me crazy when I hear people say “yeah I jog before coming to work”, or my favorite jaw opener “I like to read a book before coming in to work”. I wonder what kind of people are these. Is this actually possible? What can I do to at least function in the morning?

Here are a few tips that might help you out. You may not be jogging through the streets at 5 am or reading a Dan Brown novel before the sunrise, but these few tips will definitely help you end your morning routine of pressing snooze 5 times.

1. Get enough sleepsleep

Okay, we all know getting enough rest is a big help to feeling better in the morning. It is crucial to get enough rest to feel your best. However this can be difficult for some of us. Plan out your routine before bedtime. Any late night shows that you like to watch try recording them instead. Studies say that being on the computer or mobile device before bed can disrupt sleep patterns. The Adrenal Fatigue recommends that you turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Being on your computer or mobile device keeps your brain engaged and the light emitted from these devices disrupts the natural sleep signals.

2. Look forward to something positiveenglish-breakfast[1]

Think of something positive that you will look forward to for that day.

Sometimes it is as simple as what you plan to eat for breakfast.  It may be that your favorite show airs that day or maybe you get paid today just think of something good to look forward to.

3. New day for change

If it is a Monday and you need a reason to look forward to getting up, try thinking about how you can make this week different or better than last week. If you need more motivation in your life, take this new day as a chance to make a difference. You can wake up and say to yourself “today will be different” or “today I will …..”  and fill in the blank!


I have a hard time in the mornings so one thing I say to myself to get me going is “time to wake up and be a mommy” this helps me to realize that I am affecting my family as well as myself every time I press that snooze button!

Reduce Stress

If you are getting to work late or just tired of always rushing in the morning than think how much extra stress that creates for you. Just pressing the snooze button less can reduce your stress level.


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