Happy National Lipstick Day!

It’s July 29th, which means it’s National Lipstick Day!

Lipstick is usually the first type of makeup women wear. I remember begging my mom at the age of 12 to let me wear lipstick. She eventually agreed but only to a soft shade of pink. I still remember the smell and feel of it on my lips. I have been hooked ever since and applying color to my lips daily.

Lipstick dates back to prehistoric times, starting out as a way to decorate the face of men and women for rituals, later used in theater shows then progressed to be used in special occasions. Now lipstick is an everyday regimen for woman. Even Winston Churchill believed lipstick had the power to uplift ones spirit. During WWII Winston Churchill encouraged the production of lipstick, saying that it was a big morale booster during those times of war. Red lipstick became very popular after the war.

Lipstick is worn by many to add color to their face, stick out from the crowd, attract the opposite sex, change their appearance or just to brighten their mood. What ever your reason is for wearing lipstick wear it proud on July 29th!

In honor of lipstick day I will share some natural lipstick recipes free from harsh chemicals and easy peasy to make even for kids.    

(Great idea for a girls birthday party activity)

  • The easiest way to make your own lipstick is to use Kool-Aid and petroleum jelly, just mix a little Kool-Aid powder with the petroleum jelly. To really get a good mixture dissolve the Kool-Aid powder in a splash of water first so it won’t be gritty.


  • Coconut oil and crayons: melt half of a crayon then add a teaspoon or so of melted Coconut oil or Shea butter. When it hardens your done!

Another method using natural materials check out Wellness Mama homemade lipstick recipe. She adds more natural healthier ingredients like beet root, turmeric and cocoa powder for the color.

Okay, now wear it proud! 

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