Finding Happiness

Looking for happiness?

How to find Instant Happiness

It seems it would be easy, just think positive, the glass is half full, not half empty or smile more often. Well for those of us who have realized that we want more out of life or just want to find happiness during a period of life which has been stressful and we want a way out of negativity, that may not work.

The more life gives us stressful challenges the more likely we will lose motivation to do things that makes us happy. We then become more and more stressed, sad, fatigued and discouraged about everything, for most people these feelings will pass and they will be able to live life as normal, this period of stress will only last a short time and no one will even notice a change in them. Some may be able to completely ignore or renounce any negativity that comes their way. I admire people like this. I want to have that trait, however I was not born an optimist. I can be a bit of a pessimist. Not 100% of the time but I’m sorry the glass is half empty in my eyes, is that so bad? Does that make me a bad or negative person? Maybe, but I still want to be happy so what can I do?

Finding happiness can be tricky, many people have their opinions, but not much is out there to help.

The brain actually has chemicals that are responsible for happiness or positive moods. The chemicals endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine all play a part in feelings of happiness. Psychology Today has a great break down on these chemicals and how they play a part in happiness, they also list 5 ways to boost these chemicals.

Okay so what does work, well one thing that works is to do something that makes you happy that probably doesn’t involve other people or money. For me painting, crafting, gardening and hiking makes me happy, the more I do these things the happier I become.

Want Instant Happiness?

When it comes down to it, I want to be happy now… today… by Midnight!MIDNIGHT!

Well like they say seeing is believing. Okay well, long term happiness and curing depression will take way more work or professional help, but for a little dose of happiness all you need to is think back to a time you remember that brought you happiness. For many a certain song or smell can trigger a happy memory. Have you ever been riding in a car and a song triggers a past memory and you find yourself smiling or laughing just thinking about it. What if you can do that more often. Now thinking of a past memory that makes you smile or just feel good is a great start but we need to go deeper. Get to a quiet place and close your eyes and focus on that memory and actually visualize yourself at that moment in time, where were you, inside or outside, was the sun shining, was it hot or cold? What smells or colors can you remember or imagine. Focusing on that moment and the surroundings from that moment will help you to bring back all the good positive feelings that you felt that day. It must be a reason that this memory stayed with you, it will probably always be there in your mind ready for you to use it again to make you smile or bring back feelings of nostalgia.

If you are able to accomplish bringing up a happy past memory than HOORAY for you! Now try to remember different happy memories that you can refer back to when you are ready. Maybe organize these nostalgic memories, like the ones from your childhood, work accomplishments, friends or other memories. When you need motivation at work or during a job interview, visualizing positive work related memories could be helpful. If you are just wanting a little boost of serotonin think back to a childhood memory or one you shared with your friends that make you smile.

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