Feeling Tired? Watch What You Eat.

If you want to know if what you are eating is good for you, think about how you feel after your eat.

I realized about a year ago that if I ate at certain places or ate certain foods I would feel tired and fatigued afterwards. See, I suffered from fatigue for years. It got in the way of my daily life, even driving became difficult due to loss of concentration and not having to energy to get to where I wanted or needed to go. After many doctor’s visits and no resolution for my problem I began to pay more attention to my body and how I felt day to day. If I was having a good day or days without fatigue I would try to savor every moment of it and do as much as I could to enjoy feeling normal and actually having energy for once. I would wonder if this is how everyone else felt day to day. I thought to myself, wow if I could feel this good every day I would get so much more done in life. I was surprised when on a good day, fatigue would hit me all of a sudden. I didn’t understand how in the middle of the day I would go from feeling great to feeling tired and sluggish again.

One day after eating at a popular fast food restaurant, (on a good day) I began to feel tired before I even left the restaurant. I wanted to take a nap right there in the parking lot. I thought it was bizarre and the next time I went to visit this same restaurant I remembered how I felt the last time, hoping it wouldn’t happen again. But it did, shortly after eating, I felt tired all over again. I realized that what ever they put in their food however delicious, it was making me fatigued. After that I began to be more careful about what I ate and paid close attention to how I felt after I ate. Even when I ate at home.

If you go through unexplained fatigue, try keeping a food journal and pay attention how you feel after you eat, you might discover how much what eat makes a difference in how you feel.


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