Fashion for Workout Motivation

When it comes to fitness many of us lose motivation to continue exercising or need to get motivated to exercise in the first place. I have to say one thing that always works for me, (maybe not my wallet though) is to buy new exercise or fitness clothes. When I buy new workout clothes, I am more motivated to get them on and try them out. I Especially like cute outfits, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just comfortable. Here are a few ideas on how to get motivated for your workout.

Motivating Workout Ideas

Fashion – Try buying a new workout outfit, it seems simple but it is a great motivator. Just purchasing new clothes for the purpose of fitness is a great start. Just make sure you pick something comfortable that covers the areas that you need and is lose where you need it to be. Here is a link to a great selection of workout clothing that I have found. Pathways of Happiness Shopify
Health/Energy – When you are not feeling well, that is a wake call that you need more exercise. Exercising improves mood, reduces sick days and reduces fatigue. Next time you feel a little down or have no energy go for a long walk or a short jog. My favorite is to find activities that don’t make me feel like I am working out, like playing Frisbee with my daughter, playing catch, a dance with me video game on my Xbox connect, or even doing yard or house work. The point is just get moving,

Workout with someone – Another motivator is to join a group of friends or coworkers who work out together. Many people go walking after or before work. Some companies provide a small gym for their employees. It doesn’t have to be an hour sometimes just 20 -30 minutes a day is enough. You may have a friend that is a member at a local gym. Talk to them about their workout routine and tell them you would like to join the same gym and work out with them sometimes because it would be a great motivator for you. Working out with a group or a friend is a great motivator because they will encourage you to exercise with them even if it is just for extra company while they workout. It is way more fun to talk and socialize while burning some calories than during it alone.

Need a change – If you just are tired of the same body and mindset in life, exercising is a great way to make a new change in your life. You will feel and look better. Instead of accepting your body the way it is, if you’re not happy than use that unhappiness as your motivator to get things moving in the right direction. Also exercise is a great way to get more oxygen to the brain and help with making new decisions and new ideas. If you need to get creative or figure out some things and don’t know what to do, go take a jog or walk around the block to help clear your head and figure things out.


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