Don’t be so Hard on Yourself! Dealing with our own bad behavior.

Sometimes our behavior can surprise us. We all have been guilty of some bad behavior at one time or another. It may have been an outburst of anger, bad decisions, not admitting guilt or what whatever behavior that you are not proud of. Instead of beating yourself up about it, look into why you chose to behave this way that you feel is not part of your normal behavior or character.

Sometimes it is just that we are having a bad or stressful day or week. Everything not going your way, unexpected problems rising up. Many things can cause stress, when stress levels rise and we have no way of releasing them, built up emotions can rise and explode at any moment.

We may feel forced to repress our emotions sometimes. Just like we don’t want to be the first or loudest one to laugh, we tend to play down our emotions. If we are angry we do not want to go on a screaming rampage, bursting out into tears every time we are sad is not acceptable either. Fully giving in to your emotions may be something people do when they were toddlers. Remember the terrible two’s phase. Feeling sadness, anger, frustration and joy are all normal emotions and we should not avoid them. Avoiding these emotions can lead to increased stress. It is your physical reaction to these emotions that people judge you on.

To appear more in control of your emotions you must examine why you are having these feelings and how to handle them. Find ways to handle anger, sadness and frustration in ways that works for you.

TIPS to stay in Control

  • Exercise  – This is the best way to control your emotions. Exercise releases endorphins that can ease depression and anger.
  • Meditation – Taking a moment to focus on yourself and where you want to be in life helps to calm and refocus your energy. Meditation can be done in many ways.  U.S. News Health has great examples of meditation for beginners.
  • Find a hobby – Doing something you enjoy on a regular basis can help you to become a better person and happier.  It may be gardening, writing, singing, sports or painting, just make time for your hobbies in your life.
  • Journaling – Writing about your day or experiences is a great way to look at what you are really thinking or going through. Reading your past situations that you went through that may have had you feeling that it was end of the world and now seeing how everything worked out will have you reevaluate how you handle future situations.

If it is anger that you want to control, The Mayo Clinic has 10 tips to deal with anger management.


These tips will definitely help you to stay in control of your emotions, but what about morals? Our behavior can sometimes surprise even ourselves. Take some time to look at what your morals and values are.

Ask yourself these question to evaluate your morals

  • What is important to you?
  • Under what circumstances would you lie or cheat?
  • In your religion how will you be viewed?
  • What would your loved ones or children think of your decision? Remember how we behave affects not only ourselves but our family too.

When asking yourself these questions try thinking of what will happen if everyone finds out that you lied or cheated. Studies show that when we know we are being watched we tend to be more honest. Pretend that there are always cameras following you. Also if you believe in the power of karma think of how the universe will reward or penalize you for your behavior.

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