Choose Happy: Happiness is a choice.

Life has its obstacles, this is true for everyone. However you have a choice on how you react to these obstacles. Having a positive outlook on your life and choosing to view obstacles as just mere speed bumps instead of walls can help you to be happier. It takes practice to think positively but this practice will have a positive affect on the brain.

Instead of continuing the bad habits of negative thinking or complaining, build new habits of positivity. Train your brain and make new habits. All habits are formed by doing it once for the first time, then continuing a pattern until you don’t even think about it. Start out with small changes, it will may be difficult in the beginning but after some practice it will become a habit.

Take the first step and think of all the negative problems you currently have going on in your life. Now think of the situation in a positive light. What can you learn from this situation? What can you do to change it? Is there anything positive that you can take from going through this experience?

Sometimes we are supposed to learn from these obstacles that life has thrown our way. Learning how to deal with life’s lemons makes us stronger. You can build muscles by lifting something heavy over and over. You can get stronger by working out sweating and pushing yourself. No one gets stronger by never busting a sweat and working for it. In order to become a mentally stronger person you must work at it.

If you find it hard to think positive, take it step by step. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Why are you having these thoughts or opinions?
  • Is this thought benefiting you?
  • What is another outcome that is positive that you can think of?
  • Is there something positive you can think of right now?



Check out David Wolf’s article on Why Complaining is killing you.


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