Take the 1st Step To A Better Diet

Okay, so now you realize or maybe your doctor has told you to start eating better, you think “no problem, I can do that”, so the first thing you eat is a salad. Now you are wondering, so what do I eat for dinner, then for breakfast, snack and for the rest of the week. […]

3 Things That Add To Your Joint Pain

I used to suffer from joint pain for years. I remember it started in my early twenties, I would constantly hide my pain, trying not to limp when people were looking, trying to think of why I was hurting. I was told by one doctor that it might just be in my head,  one said […]

Morning Metabolism Boosters

How you start off your day could help you or hinder you from losing weight. Many skip breakfast, but his is not the best solution to weight loss. Eating breakfast is the best way to start your day. What you eat for breakfast does make a difference. Eating a healthy breakfast is one way to […]

March is Women’s History Month

This recognition of women started due to the lack of information being taught in schools about the accomplishments of women throughout history. In the 1970’s a school in California decided to do something about this and encouraged a women’s history week where the accomplishments of women are taught and celebrated. The word spread and other […]