3 Things That Add To Your Joint Pain

I used to suffer from joint pain for years. I remember it started in my early twenties, I would constantly hide my pain, trying not to limp when people were looking, trying to think of why I was hurting. I was told by one doctor that it might just be in my head,  one said to change my diet, one told me to come back in a few months and they will do the same test again, some doctors said it was the early signs of Lupus, some said it was Sjogrens syndrome, the last one I went to just said, ” I know something is wrong, but we just don’t know what and we may never know”. I ended up being placed on pain medication which I was told to take when I was in pain, a couple months later I was told I was taking too much of the medication and to stop. Mean while, the joint pain continued and worsened. It affected my social life, work abilities and exercise routines. I would experience too much pain to exercise as often as I wanted so I just stoped.

I would have people ask me, ” You’re so young, why are you limping?”  It was frustrating that I did not have an answer for them. I spent many days researching looking for answers. I began to change my diet like the doctor’s said. In the beginning I didn’t know how to change my diet. I just ate less junk food and avoided fried foods. But after researching I discovered it wasn’t enough. I still needed to change my diet even more. After trying different things these are the top 3 changes that made the biggest difference in my joint pain.

  1. Stop eating freezer junk foodYou know, the quick to heat up, made for the microwave foods. These foods can be highly processed and contain chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals can settle in body tissues causing joint pain.
  2. Don’t cook on scratched pots and pans – Many pots and pans come coated, when the coating gets scratched up from wear and tear the chemicals from the layer underneath comes through and leaches into your food. Click on this  link it may help you better understand.
  3. Ø Junk Food! – Reduce your junk food intake. I know it is hard to resist, but if you hold out for at least a couple of weeks, you will have less pain and more energy. For obvious reasons junk food is not good for you contributes to joint pain as well as many other health issues.






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