3 reasons why Yoga is good for your health

Yoga can be for anyone, size and age doesn’t matter when it comes to yoga. The point of yoga is to relax, increase focus and improve physical health. YOGA can be done in the privacy of your own home or in a class. The word Yoga means “union” – the union of the mind, body and spirit, and has been around for thousands of years. Many people believe and have experienced the results of yoga for themselves. Today you can learn yoga by buying a yoga DVD, purchase a book about yoga or take a local yoga class. There are studies that show results of increased lung capacity, tolerance to stress, weight loss, reduced cholesterol and blood-sugar levels (Jerusalim J., 2002). Check out this link about the benefits of Yoga.

The 3 benefits of YOGA


1) Increases circulation to the joints:

Why does this improve your health?

Increasing circulation in the joints is a great benefit for anyone, especially for those overweight and seniors, in which joint pain can be a common issue. The stretching involved in yoga can increase circulation. Along with the increase in circulation it improves range of mobility. For seniors this is important, as we age we lose range of motion, regular exercise along with yoga helps to keep you flexible and keep your joints moving easily.

2) Makes you happier

This is how

Yoga relaxes the mind and encourages meditation. Meditation reduces stress, increases focus and can reduce negativity. It also improves your sleep which is important in many areas of your health. Many of us suffer with procrastination, anger, anxiety, depression or just lack of focus in life. Being able to focus will help to reduce procrastination. The relaxation and improved focus you receive from doing yoga will decrease anger and anxiety. Yoga is said to boost serotonin, more serotonin in your system will lesson depression and negative thoughts.

3) Boost you immune system

Why you need this

Yoga poses boost circulation which I mentioned before, but not just to your joints. It also boost circulation to other areas of your body, like your lymphatic, adrenal and nervous system and can send more oxygen to your brain. Lack of mobility can block toxins from leaving our bodies. Some yoga poses stimulate organs in the body that help to rid of toxins.


Why YOGA is great for any body size and age!

Yoga is for every age and fitness level

Any body size and age can benefit from yoga, don’t believe me then ask Jessamyn Stanley, she is a yoga teacher and posts pictures of herself in yoga poses on Instagram. Age also doesn’t limit you from yoga. Yoga is very beneficial to seniors. It helps to reduce cholesterol, strengthen muscles and increase joint function. It also increases range of motion which is important for seniors as it reduces as you age. If you are uncomfortable doing yoga in public than there are many online classes or DVD’s that can get you started. Also you can go to your local library and pick up a free book on yoga and learn more about different types of yoga and poses.


New to YOGA?

If you are new to yoga, take it slowly, focus more on the breathing and if any pose or position is uncomfortable than be cautious while doing it and try not to hold an uncomfortable pose for too long. As you practice yoga more and more the positions will become easier as you become more flexible and relaxed with each session. Try not to force it, yoga is a process and you will get better at it in time.

I first began yoga in my early twenties because I had major unexplained joint pain. After going to numerous doctors I could not find any relief. One doctor actually told me it must be in my head and I am not really in pain. After that I didn’t want to go to another doctor again. But I had to do something, even strangers were beginning to ask me what was wrong. I would walk around limping and in pain almost every day. I heard yoga is good for joints so I tried it. At first I couldn’t focus while doing it, but I like that the poses stretched the areas that hurt and I noticed the pain in these areas reduced significantly. I began to do it regularly and in time I began to be able to focus and relax more easily while practicing yoga. I started out with a DVD at home and began to learn more about it with research and books.

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