3 Easy tips to start healthy eating

Healthy Eating 

How to get Started!

When you hear healthy eating many people often think about weight loss. Healthy eating is a great start to losing weight but it has way more benefits that that. Healthy eating reduces risks of disease and overall health. Your whole body can benefit from eating more healthy foods.

It can be hard to get started on a healthy eating plan, so here are a few tips to get you started!

Eating Healthy does not have to mean dieting!

Dieting involves restricting your diet. Many times in an effort to lose weight we also restrict ourselves from nutrients that our body actually needs. Dieting is mostly done to lose weight but what do people do to avoid chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease?

Di-et (verb)
to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.
“it’s difficult to diet”

Instead of dieting think about eating healthier. This can be done in many ways. Just adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal is easy to do and will add more nutrients to your body. Cutting back on foods that you know are unhealthy is also a good start. Healthy Eating is more about WHAT you eat and less about how much you eat. Fried foods,sugary foods and greasy foods we all know are not considered healthy foods for us. Instead of completely avoiding these foods how about cutting back on them.

Tip 1. Add food to your diet!Strawberries

Yes you should actually add food to your diet. Adding nutrient rich foods to your daily diet will provide your body with more nutrients that your body can use for good, plus antioxidants which help boost your immune system and reduce colds, or other illnesses. Think about adding a fruit to your regular morning routine or adding a small salad to every lunch and adding a healthy vegetable to every dinner meal. This is easy for anyone to do, wont break the bank and you still get to enjoy the foods you love. The key to this trick is you have less room for unhealthy foods while adding more nutrients to your meal.

Tip 2. Reduce amount of unhealthy food from your diet

Cutting back on foods that you know are bad for you or unhealthy is also a good start to beginning a healthy eating regimen. Fried,sugary and greasy foods we all know are not considered healthy for us. Instead of completely avoiding these foods how about cutting back on them. There are many foods out there that are hard for us to resist, completely deleting these foods from our diets makes us miserable. This is often the cause for many diet failures. When you finally reach that point where you are miserable and can’t resist your favorite foods any longer you give in and over indulge on the foods you tried for months not to eat. In your head you think “oh well this diet is over” or you feel guilty and depressed which leads to more over indulging on unhealthy foods.

Remember it is okay to have foods that are considered unhealthy but not as part of a regular diet. It is best that these foods are eaten rarely or every now and then, not every week or every day. The less you can eat of unhealthy foods the better, it depends on your own personal health goals. But just to get started reduce as much as you can handle!


red-cola-cansA can of Coke has about 35 grams of sugar in it. spoonful-of-sugar1 teaspoon = 4 grams of sugar,  that means there are about 8 teaspoons of sugar in a can of Coke. If you are drinking 3 cans of sodas a day you are drinking 24 teaspoons worth of sugar (many people don’t even consider soda as a source of sugar). If you were to cut back to just one soda a day you will be saving your self 5,480 teaspoons of sugar a year! Now can you understand how just cutting back a little can help you be healthier!

Now think about other foods in your diet that you can cut back on.

Tip 3. Start reading labels

Even if you have no idea how to read labels, look directly at the ingredients list and make your decision on what to buy based on the label that has the most words you are familiar with. The first 3 ingredients on the list are what the food mostly contain, so if you see sugar or one of the many forms of sugar (usually a word ending in “ose”) then you know it mostly contains sugar. Also buy the food item that has the shortest ingredients list this will save you from overly processed foods.

Doing this step will save you from unknowingly eating unhealthy foods. After a while you will get use to reading labels and quickly identify which product is healthier.


nutrition facts labelThis label is great if you want to take a quick look at the amount of trans fat and grams of sugar

Ingredients label         ←   Look for the INGREDIENTS LIST and look at the first 3 ingredients. This will be what the food mostly contains. This can has mostly water, tomato puree and pasta. Go for the food product that has the shortest ingredient list. This means it is less processed and contains less chemically artificial flavors. This can has a lot of chemically or modified artificial flavorings.

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