The Quickest Way to Whiten Teeth

Everyone probably has a reason or two to whiten their teeth. Weather you are a coffee and tea drinker, smoker or just want to get your teeth whiter, than finding a way quick easy way to whiten your teeth is something we all consider at one time or another. I have really sensitive teeth and […]

What I do on a Full Moon

I consider myself a moon gazer. Every night, I try to catch a glimpse of the glowing magical ball in the night sky. I can’t help but notice the different textures and nooks and crannies on the moon and the haze that always seems to surround it. It is no secret the moon has it’s […]

Everyday uses for Lemons

  Lemons provide multiple health benefits. They are easy to find at any grocery store and contain healthy vitamins and nutrients. Here are a few ways you can use lemons in your daily life. Wonderful Health Benefits Reduces bloating, add lemon slices to water to reduce bloating and other digestion issues Drinking lemon water will […]