Choose Happy: Happiness is a choice.

Life has its obstacles, this is true for everyone. However you have a choice on how you react to these obstacles. Having a positive outlook on your life and choosing to view obstacles as just mere speed bumps instead of walls can help you to be happier. It takes practice to think positively but this […]

Why you can’t find LOVE

So many people say that they can’t find love. Maybe the problem is finding love is hard because they are not where they are supposed to be in life. If you are not on the right path, you will not meet the right people. Click To Tweet How can you find love if you, yourself, […]

Get your Kids to eat Healthy!

Getting your kids to eat healthy can be a daunting task for us parents. The way to have your kids eat healthy is to start early. As soon as your baby is ready to start solid foods make sure you add the vegetables first before you introduce fruit. Also before they can talk and ask […]


Marcel Duchamp, forced us to look at art in a different light. At first rejected than accepted by many.