10 ways to boost your mood

1. Listen to music or your favorite upbeat song.ladies and records

Music can definitely put you in a good mood. You may find it hard to not sing a long to your favorite song!

2. Get dolled up!Fashion model

Get your hair and nails done, shave those legs and wear that cute outfit that you always look great in. Sometimes looking good makes you feel good.

3. Buy yourself flowers. Daylilies

Looking at something pretty, fresh and colorful especially in your home or office will help to brighten your mood. Many grocery stores sell small bunches or bouquets of flowers for cheap. Even one stem of a sunflower or lily can do the trick.

4. Talk to a friend.

Talking to a friend who is usually upbeat and positive can help you to take the focus off your negativity also a good friend can make you laugh.

5. Watch a funny movie or show

Laughing along with the TV is a great mood booster.


6. Take a walk

Get some fresh air, walk around the block or go to a park. You will be amazed how much a simple walk can relieve stress.


7. Play with the dog/cat.dog

Studies have shown that interaction with animals can reduce stress and improve mood. Many therapy animals are used in hospitals, nursing homes and provided for those who suffer from a mental or physical disability.

8. Read some jokes.

There are many websites that provide humorous content that will make it hard not to laugh, here are a few sites…Stuff you can’t make up, and 14 sites to make you laughlaughing[1]

9. Look through an old photo album of friends and family members.

Going through pictures of yourself with family and friends can change your focus. You may find your self smiling at past pictures of yourself and others. Even looking through pictures you have saved on your phone can help give you a little boost.


10. Relive an old happy memory in your thoughts. 

childhood-nostalgiaThink of a memory that was funny to you or a warm nostalgic memory. Get to a quiet place and close your eyes and focus on that memory and actually visualize yourself at that moment in time, where were you, inside or outside, was the sun shining, was it hot or cold? What smells or colors can you remember or imagine. Focusing on that moment and the surroundings from that moment will help you to bring back all the good positive feelings that you felt that day. It must be a reason that this memory stayed with you, it will probably always be there in your mind ready for you to use it again to make you smile or bring back feelings of nostalgia.


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